GCOX provides users advanced trading services and has successfully received the following licenses:


    Fiat-to-Crypto License, E-wallet License


    DMCC Proprietary License


    Crypto Trading License (Pending)

Our Business

Long have fans of various celebrities had to admire their idols from afar, whether it’s catching a glimpse of them through massive hordes of fans, swooning at them from a distance at concerts or following and commenting on their social media profiles in hope that they might get an unlikely reply. Interestingly, celebrities are equally restricted when it comes to having access to their fans due to never-ending media appearances, sponsor commitments and various other restrictions. All that celebrities are largely restricted to is generic shout-outs on social media, occasional live AMAs and the occasional random merchandise/ticket giveaway...

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GXPay is a global e-wallet payment system where consumers can store digital tokens to be used online and offline securely. It allows users and merchants to accept ACM, other popular cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies.

Tuple Technologies is a provider of Big Data and AI assistants for Businesses with the aim of enhancing customer behavioural forecasting, content optimisation and marketing automation using plug-and-play data sciences. Some of our clients include UOB, JLT, Singapore Tourism Board and other major Fintech companies.

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