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GCOX Group

GCOX Group comprises a group of companies which are trailblazers across a wide range of sectors from finance, technology and entertainment with operations globally.

Our businesses represent a combination of activities intended to synergise and create value for our customers. Currently, we have offices set up in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam and are expanding to better meet the needs of our clients.

Long have fans of various celebrities had to admire their idols from afar, whether it’s catching a glimpse of them through massive hordes of fans, swooning at them from a distance at concerts or following and commenting on their social media profiles in hope that they might get an unlikely reply...


Global Business Development

GCOX Group has offices set up in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam and is expanding in and out of the region rapidly. Our companies obtained an operating license in Estonia that allow us to provide services of exchanging virtual currencies to fiat and vice versa.


Institutional Investors and Partners

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